Ghost Cop


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It was a late foggy Friday night in early November of 2009 around 10pm, I was driving home from Jeff’s Pampered Chef cooking party. Jeff and I are good friends from work. I dreaded that drive home because he lives an hour away from me and I had worked that day, so I was very tired after the event. As I was driving along this long, dark, foggy country road, my eyes started to get heavy and I began to sway side by side a little, so I turned on the radio and cracked the window to wake up. Within seconds out of nowhere the sound of a police siren. I look in my rear view mirror and there were police lights flashing behind me. I pull over and I’m terrified, I’m saying to myself “This cop must have been hiding in the woods and saw me swerving. He must think I’m drunk…Oh my God, I only had a half glass of wine! I was so nervous.

I pull over and the Police car pulls right up behind me. I’m looking in my side view mirror and the police car looked old. I mean really old like from the 60’s old. Now I’m afraid because I thought this was an imposter using an old police vehicle to pull over innocent people to rob, rape, or kill. I was confused and contemplating if I should take off or just stay because this could actually be a real cop and I’d be in more trouble.

The door opened and this really tall police officer gets out of the car, he straightens his hat, and proceeds to approach my car . I noticed that his pants were shrunken at least 3 inches above his ankles. His uniform was old and outdated. The officer walked slowly up to my side. At this point  I was shaking and I was about to burst in tears, I was so scared. I rolled down my window and I saw the name tag “Officer V. Jeffries” I quickly looked straight ahead. I did not want to see his face. For some reason I just didn’t want to see his face. So, I asked the officer if I had done something wrong? He stood there for a few seconds and responds with a deep, detached, dark voice “License and registration please” “Yes sir” I replied and I reached over to opened my glove compartment to get my registration. I grabbed it, then I pull out my license from my purse that was sitting in the passenger seat. I turned back to my driver side to give the officer my license and registration and he was gone. There was no sound or sign of the officer or police car. Needless to say, I was no longer drowsy and I drove off like a bat out of hell.

When I got home, I called my parents. My father is a retired fireman who is very familiar with the area. When I described the officer’s uniform, name, and vehicle to my father, he nearly dropped the telephone. He said that his name was Officer Vernon Jeffries and he patrolled that area back in 1969. He was killed on a rainy night head on by a group of drunk teenagers who were all killed as well. My father said he remembered it like yesterday, it was a horrible accident. I kept saying in my head”Oh my God! He was a ghost! I saw a ghost! I was taken aback for a moment, I grew a huge lump in my throat, my hair stood up, I felt my color leave my skin. I kept my lights on all night; barely slept. The next day I called Jeff and told him what happened. Jeff replied “He may have saved your life. If you had dozed off for a second on that road, it could have been tragic” He was very right. Though I am Grateful and Thankful that a ghost cop saved my life, I have not driven that road at night for the last 5 years and I vowed to never drive drowsy again.

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